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It’s the “V” which does the magic or “V” for “Virtualization”...

14 January 2011

Our Approach Methodology

In our opinion, the most successful projects are the result of an ongoing and collaborative process between the client and the developer and we structure our approach around this key idea. From the time we begin dialogue with a client, to the final system deployment, TANGENT stays on top of your evolving needs and provides constant communication so you will never be caught by surprise. TANGENT uses proven methodologies and integrated toolsets, which are governed by industry best practices and international standards such as ISO,ITIL and CMM.


TANGENT Value Proposition

When you partner with TANGENT, you can be sure that we will provide your company with real value and deliver on our promise to transform your business through technological innovation. There are many reasons to do business with us, but we listed a few of the most compelling to help you in your search.

Enhanced Business Agility

TANGENT converts what used to be labor intensive manual entry processes into proactive and automated transactions. This has a major impact on a business’ agility and reduces repetitive tasks. Additionally, human errors and redundant data entry are virtually eliminated while detailed audit trails and reports help management better refine and control their operations.

Cost Effectiveness

TANGENT delivers the best value for your IT investments and we know how to capitalize on existing legacy systems. This means that the solutions we develop not only meet your technical requirements, but fit in well with your existing IT infrastructure and financial goals.

Scalable Solutions

Our solutions are designed to grow with you. With TANGENT customer solutions, you can integrate new processes and customers without additional infrastructure investment. This results in a seamless and scalable platform for your business with minimal expense and disruption.

A True Partnership

TANGENT has grown over time through referrals. Our success is directly related to how we treat and work with our clients. That means that we listen to our client’s needs, learn our client’s businesses and view a project’s successful completion as an exercise in collaboration. We can only build the systems our clients require with their help and input throughout the process. Let’s build something together.

Centralization and Simplicity

Our clients always mention that TANGENT has made their IT operations easier to manage and control. Although our products and solutions are complex, where we can bring a more disciplined centralized approach we do. We aim to make it easier to run your business, not more complex.

Ongoing Value

All TANGENT clients benefit from our thorough training program to help you maximize the system potential and save money and time. Additionally, TANGENT does not abandon its clients once a project is complete. We provide our customers with ongoing support and performance benchmarks to continually help them review and maximize their investment with us.