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It’s the “V” which does the magic or “V” for “Virtualization”...

14 January 2011


Tangent Safe Solution

TAN-SAFE offers comprehensive security solutions that streamline security technologies and management processes to mitigate security risks. TAN-SAFE services cover the entire IT Security continuum and include assessment, consulting and managed solutions and services enabling secure business collaboration with controls that protect intellectual property and ensure the privacy of information without slowing down business processes.

TAN-SAFE provides anytime-anywhere access to information while also ensuring information confidentiality, privacy, and immutability. Our cost effective Information Security Services derived from industry best practices takes a holistic approach from your business point of view and not from a vendor’s firewall or other device point of view. We offer vendor-agnostic, product-independent consulting services in Access Control, Authentication, Credential Management, Data Loss Prevention, Encryption and Key Management, Fraud Prevention, Identity Assurance, Solution for Microsoft SharePoint, Secure Exchange, Securing Virtual Environments, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

TAN-SAFE views security as a holistic process. We provide guidance on how to effectively implement and improve security bearing of your business and prevent it from both internal and external security risks so that confidentiality, integrity and availability of information is maintained at all times. We help organizations across industry verticals with compliance and regulatory needs for their IT systems. Our security specialists design, build and operate both custom and pre-built security solutions that enable you to capitalize on receding latencies on account of a secure infrastructure, thereby maximizing performance.

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